Professional Development & consultation


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Staff Professional Development

We offer professional development training available for educational faculty and staff with a desire to learn more about how the secondary and post-secondary environments can provide forward thinking interventions to meet the social and emotional needs of the students they serve.

Training and presentations are also available to community organizations and businesses looking to improve interpersonal skills in the workplace, provide employee assistance, increase mental health awareness, and promote self-care with a focus on a healthy work-life balance.

Consultation Services

Our practice partners with clinicians, behavioral health organizations, and educational institutions to enhance programming and interventions set to improve performance indicators. The desired outcomes often relate to emotional intelligence and mental health awareness, education, & treatment. Through our consultation services, we:

  • Identify areas of opportunity and advise based on the needs & goal of our clients

  • Collaborate and support in functionality of strategic planning and intervention implementation processes

  • Develop, assess, and evaluate social-emotional programming

  • Research and provide recommendation for curriculum development to include emotional, behavioral, and social learning for secondary and post-secondary student populations

  • Participate in client staffing to review and provide feedback on clinical assessment and treatment practices

Clinical Supervision

As a fully licensed and trained clinician, our practice is registered and able to provide clinical supervision to Counselors-in-Training (CITs) and clinicians eligible to become Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselors (PLPCs) in the state of Missouri. Supervision focuses on enhancing the knowledge, skill, and attitude of CITs and PLPCs through their experience in the field, all while providing an opportunity for supervisees to explore and build upon specific core competencies through the guidance of an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor.