Clinical education services and workshops allows college aged students the opportunity to fully explore and evaluate their mental wellness before, during, and after the post-secondary experience. We collaborate with academic institutions to ensure the social and emotional needs of students are met throughout the process of transitioning into higher education and beyond.


Student-Based Workshops

The focus of student-based workshops is the improvement of the social and emotional skill set of the participants.

Our developmental workshops are tailored to fit each group based on trends identified by faculty, staff, and administration who work directly with the students. For all, topics can include emotional intelligence, leadership development, and a variety of other psychoeducational topics to provide knowledge about mental health and emerging adulthood.

Workshops are tailored to meet the ever changing expectations and realities students experience throughout their academic journey. Facilitation can take place one time, offered as a series, or added as a part of the First-Year Experience programming at colleges or universities.

Mental health awareness and education can be a challenge for parents and guardians, too. For this reason, workshops can be tailored and offered to increase an understanding and ability to support adolescents and young adults during this time.